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Botanically Speaking

I took everything I learned and everything I experienced and put them into one whole series. Embarking on a career as a full time artist was exciting but scary and didn’t go as planned. I figured that if I spent one whole year giving this business my all, there was no choice but to be “successful” at it. I did as many markets as I could get into. I created so many different pieces, trying to find my “style” of art. There were some events that I barely made my booth fee back let alone any kind of profit. I invested money I didn’t have into the business. By the end, I was burnt out and more than tired…saw myself as a failure. Ended up having to go back to work to pay for the investment. This was a low point for me. I questioned whether or not I was supposed to be an artist after ONE year of fully going for it. After realizing how ridiculous that sounded, I did some major soul searching and boiled it down to 6 very distinct emotions of what I experienced in that year.

Each of these is using the Victorian language of flowers.

Original Ink & Watercolor


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